10% OFF Cash or Check

We offer a 10% off discount (via personal check or cash) to everyone, anytime!Anytime we don’t have to utilize the big banks or credit card companies we are absolutely thrilled! Us hard working Americans have already bailed these fat cats out with our hard earned tax dollars, no need to allow them to keep collecting fees on our transactions!

We figure, if our customers will help us circumvent the big financial organizations so we can keep more of our own hard earned money, we are more that willing to offer a substantial discount to help them back!

We just want to ensure you, cash/personal check transfers with us are as safe as any other. Many of our customers have transacted with us in this manner and are ecstatic with the results and their purchase.

Facebook is THE primary way we interact with our customers. If we were to be dishonest and/or fraudulent we would not have the awesome following we do. As many know, in Facebook you cannot be dishonest, you will be blacklisted and lynched!

This 10% discount offer is ONLY available through this ordering process, we cannot process your order through the Internet shopping cart.

For any questions you may contact us via Facebook or via our website “Contact” page.
Steps for payment

1. Send a personal check (must allow 10 business days to clear) or USPS money order in the amount of:

$134.95 – SKEGPROTECTOR part and adhesive
plus 7.95 – If you would like an optional bolt kit
plus $15 – Shipping in the domestic US (International orders must inquire for shipping cost)


2. Mail payment (for part, adhesive, bolt kit (optional) and shipping) to:

Evolusion Concepts. L.L.C.
1658 Law St.
San Diego, CA 92109
(Corporate headquarters, no walk-in sales will be processed at this location, no exceptions)


3. With your payment please send this information:

a. Your name
b. Your USPS shipping address (we use the US Postal Service)
c. Your email address so we can contact you with any questions
d. Instruct us which SKEGPROTECTOR model you need. This information can be found on our website at: https://skegprotector.com


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