Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately we can’t turn them around as fast as most customers would like. SKEGPROTECTORS are a custom made composite product which are not manufactured on an assembly line. Each and every one of our parts are hand crafted via a precision composites craftsman. This means we can not guarantee your products’ immediate availability or shipment. Please allow up to 10 business days from date of order for your product to arrive.

We’re sure you won’t be disappointed once you receive it though, as it is truly grade A craftsmanship!

We do not warranty against adhesive failure, in the event you product falls off. We have no way of knowing how the adhesive was applied when installing your unit. Therefor have no idea if adhesive failure may be a remote possibility of loss of your SKEGPROTECTOR.

The adhesive is marine grade underwater application, manufactured by Bostik. It is the best in the industry.

You don’t need to use bolts unless you feel that you don’t have enough skeg left for the adhesive to make a good strong bond. This is a personal judgment call on your part.

The adhesive will hold as long as you have at least 2″ of your original skeg left and you scuff up the skeg really well with 40 grit sandpaper. We can’t guarantee it though as the adhesive is not manufactured by us, only the SKEGPROTECTOR. Unfortunately, by law we can’t give “official” performance opinions of the adhesive we package with the product as we do not do the product lab testing.

If you would like to contact the adhesive manufacturer, we use Bostik 920FS Marine Grade Underwater Adhesive.

Unfortunately we are not a boat dealer and do not have access to all of the lower units available, therefore cannot guarantee we have a part that will fit.

We suggest you call your engine dealer and make sure your lower unit is the same as one of the models we list on our site which is close to the motor you own. We would hate to sell you a part that doesn’t fit…


If you would like to trace your skeg and take some measurements of all four edges, we can try to match it up to the parts we have available to see if one will work.
Just email a scan of the tracing with all four sides dimensions included and we can try to find a solution for you!

Just click on the “Skeg Tracing Template” link to the left and download the instructions and template so we can get you hooked up…