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The Design Engineer of the Original Skeg Guard gives you the new SKEGPROTECTOR, skeg repair and propeller protection system!

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Now, we understand that you might be a bit skeptical. “Who is this company!?” you may be asking. But, we can guarantee you, if you continue reading, we’ll fill you in on some of the discoveries we’ve made about other skeg guards on the market and what makes ours different and ultimately what makes our design a better solution for you.

But why do I need a SKEGPROTECTOR™?
I’ve never even nicked my skeg!

If you have yet to experience the dread and bare-naked embarrassment of pulling your motor up only to reveal your mangled skeg, shredded and/or sheared, there’s quite a strong likelihood that you will. So, it might be wise to price a skeg repair at a shop and calculate the time it will take to get the motor fixed.

For instance, let’s take a look at the cost of welding a new skeg in place if you damaged the Yamaha VZ model engine. These engines have a concave skeg design that is going to prove VERY difficult and time-consuming for a repair shop to reproduce. We’re sure you know that difficulty level and time taken in a shop equals BIG $$’s…

The fact is however, your OEM motor’s skeg has a specific shape and design. Getting that kind of precision work done in any shop is going to be expensive and time consuming for you. Not only are you out the cost of the repair, but you’re also out the time the boat is in the shop. And who knows if the operational performance will be as good as it was before the repair? SKEGPROTECTOR is custom manufactured to the precise size of your OEM skeg.

The bigger issue, at least in our mind, is always the cost of down time and ruined fun for you, your friends and your loved ones. I’m sure you’d hate to be at your favorite boating spot for fun in the sun with friends or family when your skeg is damaged, exposing your gear case and propeller to even more damage. That puts a damper on your boating fun – fast.

But now imagine that you’re prepared for the worst. Imagine that you’ve purchased this product and you keep it onboard somewhere hidden away. All you have to do is bring your boat in and fix your skeg in as little as 10 minutes, the same day that the damage occurs. You save the day and now you can relax and have fun, because your SKEGPROTECTOR™ skeg guard is protecting you from future damage.

SKEGPROTECTOR™ is the Smart Move Whether You Need
Your Skeg Repaired or Just want to Protect it and Your Propeller Against Future Damage.

Your SKEGPROTECTOR™ skeg guard is custom manufactured in our facility to the correct size for your specific drive. Exact measurements are obtained from the manufacturers’ models and your SKEGPROTECTOR™ is built to those precise specifications. You’ll always get the right fit the first time, and that means a quick fit. It’s easy!

So easy, anybody can do it. All you need is about 2 inches of your skeg left, and your SKEGPROTECTOR™ repair kit.

Each kit comes with a custom engineered, adhesion system (for composite to aluminum) for easy installation. No more welding, drilling and bolting a repair product to your OEM skeg, unless of course you choose to utilize our additional bolt kit which ships with every part.

Once you get it on – that’s it! In a matter of minutes, you can be back on the water! No screwdrivers, no shaping tools, no welding torches, no drill, no bolts. Just quick and easy, cost-effective skeg repair.

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High Grade Carbon Fiber, Kevlar & Titanium For Your Skeg
Strength greater than stainless steel
Lighter than stainless steel
Longer-Lasting Performance
Ease of Installation
But Won’t Tear Your OEM Skeg Apart!
Will NOT Void Your Engine Warranty Like the Bolt on Products

SKEGPROTECTOR™ brand skeg guards are the best of class product on the market today. Why? Because each one is made with three ply’s of Kevlar (used in aerospace applications) covered with three ply’s Carbon Fiber in an epoxy matrix which provides the strength and durability of the cover. A Titanium reinforced leading edge for an additional protection, and uniquely designed to fit like a glove.

The fact that your SKEGPROTECTOR™ skeg guard is made from composite materials including Carbon Fiber means that your skeg will be twice as strong as your original. And you can also be sure that the attachment to your motor will be equally as strong, increasing durability and therefore the motor skeg’s over-all longevity. That means less hassle for you after you’ve attached it.

The other great thing to mention here is that, even though your SKEGPROTECTOR will be twice as strong as your original, our tests show that there is NO PERFORMANCE DEGRADATION, nor does the part TEAR UP YOUR OEM SKEG when struck by debris or ground. Just get it and forget it!

Unlike most other skeg products, our product manufacturing techniques do not emit carbon emissions of any kind nor use electro-polishing or any form of painting which have both recently been proven to be environmentally unfriendly to out lake and river systems. SKEGPROTECTOR™ is an enviro-friendly green company in every possible way, down to our invoicing and packaging. We utilize only electronic means where possible and only recycled packaging products. We support and participate in all aggressive efforts to decrease global warming and environmental degradation.

Our Design Beats the Others Hands Down

Remember, any damage to your skeg causes performance degradation, reduced protection for your gear case, and exposure of your propeller which increases the risk of more costly damage one hundred fold.

But some skeg replacement products on the market today, don’t take into account the potential damage caused by the replacement product itself! That’s right, most of the other skeg guards might do a comparable job for a while, but the problem is that they retain water or fall off.

They collect water and hold that water against your original equipment and over time, this may cause corrosion and eventually the holes drilled for attaching the product weaken making your skeg an easy target for the next rock, drift wood or boat ramp.

Other products also rip gashes in your OEM skeg when hitting debris, the guard bolts do not “shear” as advertised. This will leave your original skeg an absolute mess!

That’s where part of my new design comes into play – increasing your motor’s overall useful life not to mention your skeg’s with – what would seem like – a “no-brainer”.

One of the features included in my SKEGPROTECTOR™ skeg guard design is a high grade marine adhesive, which is used to affix the protector to your original skeg. This adhesive is fully water proof and acts as a sealant so water does not infiltrate the cavity of your skeg, just like the OEM skeg.

Your SKEGPROTECTOR™ will not only protect better than any other, it is actually possible that you will get increased performance and more fun with fewer head-aches.

Let’s Face It! There are Just Some Things
That No One Else Needs to Know!

Does it irritate you as it does me that some skeg guards on the market today want to use your skeg as an opportunity to advertise? And they want you to pay them to do it. They make their product out of some shiney metal and laser engrave their name brand in the hopes that the sun will catch it and draw attention to their brand.

Let’s face it, there are just some things that are better kept a secret. The secret ingredient in your famous family recipe, how much money you make, and whether or not your skeg has been damaged.

Who wants to broadcast to everyone, that they’ve had to repair their skeg and get the inevitable questions that – no matter how you answer – appear to indicate that you’re less than proficient at handling and caring for your boat?

Your SKEGPROTECTOR™ has a built in cosmetic look that is comparable to none. Carbon Fiber gives your boat that high-tech look. In addition, you can paint it whatever color you like without the concern the paint will instantly flake away. Your skeg will look super cool with the high-tech aerospace Carbon Fiber advantage of SKEGPROTECTOR™.

Oh, and those composite materials are safe for the environment, unlike the harsh chemicals used by the competing brands in their finishing process. You are doing something good when you use SKEGPROTECTOR™ brand skeg guard!

So now you know that SKEGPROTECTOR™ brand is better than any other skeg repair/protection product, providing you with assurance, peace of mind and the ability to relax and enjoy your boat out on the water.

  • Environmentally friendly high strength composite core and outer Carbon Fiber shell toughens your skeg. No worries!
  • Superior front and lower reinforced edge design for protection from ramp damage or riverbed/lakebed dragging, and better water/hydro streamlining. Fewer future faux pas!
  • High quality military/aerospace grade Carbon Fiber and marine-grade adhesive is TWICE as strong as the OEM skeg. You’ll have the confidence to enjoy boating every time!
  • Zero effect on performance. You’ll keep your agility in the water.
  • No welding or drilling required, easy, do-it-yourself 10 minute installation. It’s easy.
  • Save yourself time, money, and energy with our quick and easy do it yourself solution.

Why wait for trouble, when you can protect your skeg and prop from costly damage with SKEGPROTECTOR? Don’t wait for that skeg damage to occur in the middle of a glorious summer weekend and put your boat out of commission until you can find the time for those costly repairs…

We believe in our product and in what it stands for. Considering the time invested in measuring the specifications for each motor, and the precision craftsmanship of each piece made in our facility right here in the USA – $159.95 is a fair price. The old adage is true – “you get what you pay for” – and you’re paying for the best quality skeg replacement product on the market to protect your much deserved boating time.

Make the choice today. Buy a SKEGPROTECTOR™ and feel the joy and tranquility this kind of protection provides. Additionally, smart boaters keep an extra SKEGPROTECTOR™ on hand at all times – just in case.

When you order your product direct from us today, we will send you a free bonus!

BONUS – Order from us and you’ll get our exclusive boat waxing info eBook FREE. “Waxing Like the Professionals” is written by one of our friends David LaLone of Dave and Gary’s Boat Restorations, known throughout the USA for their expertise in boat care, repair and restoration. This eBook alone is a $20 value!

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