Skeg Measurement

Unfortunately we are not a boat dealer and do not have access to all of the lower units available, therefore cannot guarantee we have a part that will fit every engine manufactured.

If you do not see your engine model in our parts catalog it doesn’t mean we don’t have a part that will fit, we just need to double check by getting your skeg measurements from your lower unit.

If you would please take some measurements based on the below schematic we have provided, we can match it up to the parts we have available.

Additionally, to help our technicians analyze and for the highest possibility of a solution, send multiple close-up photos of your skeg  (if possible, but not mandatory) from the profile side and straight on so we can analyze the curvature and contour of the design.

Just email a scan of the schematic (and photos) back to us with all the pertinent information and we will quickly analyze and get a solution back to you.

We should be able assess and get you a conclusion quickly.


Download the skeg measurement schematic & instructions here:

Skeg Measurement Schematic & Instructions