Fantastic product…Very pleased with mine and have recommended it to several professional anglers I associate with as alternative emergency part to keep in the truck in case event service trailers are not around or mishaps occur during practice..
Pure Poison Jigs – Facebook

Awesome product! Have used the stainless steel SKEGGARD before and this is 1/10th the weight, easier to install and is cooler looking. I will be purchasing from you again if I need another skeg repaired. Keep up the good work!
Tom Huckleberry – Facebook

Have not got around to putting on my Skegprotector, will be a winter project with the drive off, my skeg is not too bad, just a little cathodic corrosion, but your product it looks pretty bad ass, I like the carbon fiber, looks very durable.
Steve La Vallee – SKEGPROTECTOR website

Love my Skegprotector… Was able to repair my partially cracked and mangled skeg in a little over ten minutes. Looks better than the original and the color totally matches the OEM one. Would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants a high quality skeg replacement to protect their valuable props.
Marc Huber – Facebook

I love the look of carbon fiber, super cool! Wish I would have thought of this. I have a bunch of boating friends and will tell them about it.
Matt Boyd – Facebook

Nice product, you saved me over $150. I called the local boat shop and they quoted me about $400 for a new welded on skeg. This is a much better solution. Thank you!
Marc Jauregui – Facebook

Great product. The color matches my OEM drive perfectly.
Dan Thompson – Denver , Colorado

Wow, this worked great. It’s as easy to install as you stated. It took me only about 15 minutes to throw on and it looks nice.
Keith Orr – Houston, Texas

I thought I wasn’t going to be able to go boating for Memorial Day weekend as I broke my skeg the weekend before while checking the boat out. The backlog at my local shop was 3 weeks. I had this bought, received and installed in 5 days, impressive…
Kevin Ripka – Pensacola , Florida

As well I’m sure you know, fishing in Florida is very tough on skegs and they need to be replaced almost annually. This is the ideal fix and I will purchase from you again in the future. Thanks.
Gary Harris – Winter Park, Florida

Thanks for the easy solution to a drag of a problem, no pun intended, LOL. I was skeptical but when I pulled this out of the package and noticed the high quality manufacturing I was blown away. The Allen bolts and key are awesome. You truly put some time and effort into engineering this product.
TJ Tischer – New Orleans , Louisiana

My drive looks brand new, that’s kickin’!
Josh Mueller – Portland, Oregon

Thanks for the startup business. I have been participating in your partner program for a while now and have made some decent money selling the SkegProtector. Keep up the good work and I’ll keep selling your product.
Janet Brice – San Diego, California

I am an official dealer and have to say, your product moves very well. People constantly ask me if it’s truly as easy to install as stated. We sell lots of these and enjoy carrying your product on our shelves.
Fastwater Marine – Orlando, Florida